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  • What are the Benefits of Mediation?

    Confidential: The mediation sessions are entirely confidential. This means the details of what is said, proposed, negotiated or offered between the parties during mediation proceedings cannot be used as evidence in a future court proceeding.

    Cost Effective: Even “minor” disputes and litigation matters are likely to cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, there is a mental, emotional, and even a physical toll that litigation indelibly leaves on its participants. All of these costs can be saved by resolving your dispute through mediation.

    Control of Outcome: Rather than leaving the outcome of your dispute in the hands of a judge or jury, you determine the resolution. Mediation provides you with a unique opportunity to craft your own resolution to the dispute using a 3rd party neutral-the mediator- who works tirelessly with the other party or parties to facilitate negotiations, resolve conflict and ultimately help all sides arrive at settlement.

    Don’t Delay- Settle Your Dispute Now! Mr. Peterson is available as a private mediator to work with you and the other parties to resolve your dispute, whether it is in litigation or is a pre-litigation matter. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a mediation with Mr. Peterson, please call his office at (805) 591-7161.

  • Attorney Services:
    Even though disputes are best resolved by mediation, Brent Peterson Law does assist clients with attorney representation in select family law and real property disputes, including landlord/tenant matters. However, Brent Peterson’s representation comes with a conflict resolution mindset and goal of settlement before trial. Thus, in representing a client in any civil or family law litigation matter, Mr. Peterson will first seek out solutions for his clients that seek to resolve disputes outside of court hearings and trials wherever possible. Mr. Peterson also assist clients in transactional matters, including estate planning and incorporation.

  • About Brent D. Peterson, Attorney and Mediator: - Brent received his university education at UC San Diego, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature. Brent later earned the degree of Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law in 2005 and began practicing law that same year. In 2018, Brent returned to law school at USC’s Gould School of Law, after being accepted into their LLM program to focus on Alternate Dispute Resolution. There, Brent was awarded the prestigious Dean’s Academic Merit Scholarship allowing him to focus his post Juris Doctor studies on conflict resolution, especially in litigated matters. While pursuing his LLM degree, Brent received a post-doctoral Graduate Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution after more than 500 hours of course work and clinical work through USC. Brent also worked as a mediator in the Los Angeles Superior Court through USC’s partnership with the Center for Conflict Resolution, settling several cases prior to receiving his LLM degree (with ADR specialization) in December of 2020. Brent serves as a private mediator, in both civil and family law matters, as he continues to conduct private mediation sessions each month.

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